Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pink Again

About half a year ago I put up this post about how I cannot stop collecting fashion images of pink garments. Well, the obsession continues--aided and abetted by the always gorgeous site Wear Color and my own color-organized Pinterest boards. This latest crop is mostly modern-day, but does include a few mid-80s gems thrown into the mix--that being the era when I personally first discovered fashion and, like a baby chicken, imprinted upon certain style elements which speak to me profoundly to this day (indeed, the below Vogue Patterns images from 1986 are what, on some level, I believe clothes really should look like).

above: Valentino

Street fashion photo by Diego Zuko for Bazaar

Mario Testino shooting for Vogue Patterns Magazine, 1986


Source lost in the mists of time, darn (even reverse Google image search can't find it--I was inclined to say mid-80s vintage again, until I glimpsed the tattoo on the left-hand model's wrist)

 Michelle Harper and Jenny Shimiziu

Vogue Patterns Magazine, 1986

Glamour France

Again, source lost in the wilds of Pinterest/Tumblr/etc. Alas.

Grace Bol photographed by Wendelien Daan for Elle Netherlands

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