Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Continuing Poem Series About the Spring of 2006 Carries On Like This

April 4, 2006
The other cool thing that happened over the weekend was that

I made baguettes

I made fucking baguettes!

Didn’t have an inkling what I was doing
and wasn’t at all sure
right up until the moment of eating
that they might not be a complete inedible disaster
and I was pretty much ok with that possibility

But they were pretty tasty
a bit denser and chewier than perhaps ideal
but still more or less recognizable as bread

Somewhat lopsided

maybe a little pale

at first I didn’t put in enough flour
so for a while I had this mass
of basically runny glue
But I got that sorted out eventually

I especially liked the vision of the dough rising
in the tan bowl with the blue stripe
covered by a moist orange and white striped tea towel

It was like
I don’t know
like the pie on the windowsill
or some other long-gone image
of vanished domesticity

but it was there
in my kitchen
and it was real
and even sort of useful

So very strange

And nice

image source is here

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