Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Poem Series About the Spring of 2006 Hits Upon A Special Moment Today

April 3, 2006
We got to go visit our dear friends and their brand new baby boy

He is absurdly lovely
beautiful down to his fingernails
and smiley and so clearly smart

And they are so happy
I’ve never seen either of them so happy
it rolls off them in waves

And key to this happiness it seemed to me
was the element of the world
narrowing down
to a single

Of course it helps
that the single point is himself
and that he is really just
so absurdly lovely

But you can’t overlook the simple fact of focus
Of truly being in the moment
that state which everyone is always running around trying to achieve
but which only something this momentous and beautiful
can actually produce over a sustained period of time

And even then
it won’t last forever
they’ll return to work eventually
and have days when they’re scattered and cranky
just like everyone

But they will have this core
the touchtone of this golden time
to return to

Pretty amazing
and not necessarily the exact
miracle of parenthood
you always hear about
but rather a slightly different one

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