Monday, November 10, 2014

Blowing Out the Candles!

On the occasion of Mabel's forth birthday party--specifically at that moment of apotheosis, the blowing out of the candles, when, I am convinced, Mabel and all her small compatriots believe the true changing of age occurs--I took my second ever instant photo using my old Polaroid camera and the new clone film made by the Impossible Project. And, well, you can tell. Indeed, it turns out to be almost impossible to shoot with this film in direct sunlight without the resulting image being goofily blown-out. But, hey, if ever there's a moment when a blown-out photo is apt, surely it's at the moment of blowing-out, right? I only wish you could see better the four candles shaped like fours on top of the chocolate-chip-banana cake--Mabel's conception from start to finish, her parents' execution of which got full marks I am proud to say.

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