Thursday, November 6, 2014

We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Programing: the Poem Saga on the Spring of 2006

May 9, 2006

the Kabuki for a massage and the baths
all the little things there that I always notice and love
all the different kinds of tile
and the way the water makes ripples of light on the ceiling
and the way the steam rolls out and up the ceiling
whenever someone opens the steam room door

The next day I walked down to the Ferry Building
to shop for Bill’s wedding anniversary gift
a prussian blue trivet
eggplant-colored pot for cooking rice
and a cookbook since it’s the paper anniversary

oh and while I’m on the subject
I can’t resist mentioning what he got me
tickets to New York for memorial day weekend
I’ve never been
I’m so excited I can hardly stand it

anyway as I was walking along
there was a white pair of mannequin hands
lying in the window of a men’s clothing store
quite a chilling sight that has stuck in my head ever since

And then there was our trip to Monterey and Carmel
Oh my goodness so much
The amazing bright blue
bottle green
and brownish lavender
of the ocean
completely different than the colors of the ocean on our part of the coast
Our little white attic room at the bed and breakfast that felt so hidden away
The myriad wonders of the aquarium
in particular the jellyfish so unbelievably beautiful
and the gigantic silvery tuna
sea turtles
a hammerhead shark that came right up the window and startled me
and the corals in pinks and oranges almost too intense to be believed
The grey-blue, tan, and white round rocks of various sizes all over this one beach
And berry pie with ice cream eaten at a roadside cafe on the way home

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