Friday, March 6, 2015

First Thursday

I hit the First Thursday gallery walk scene at 49 Geary last night. Here's what I saw:

Above: Patsy Krebs at Haines Gallery

These next half dozen images are from a group show at Robert Koch Gallery called "Words Matter" featuring photos including text from all sorts of cool folks--

Brian Ulrich

Brian Ulrich again

Hugh Brown channeling Barbara Kruger

Brian Ulrich a third time--didn't realize till just now that he was my favorite of this show

Steve Fitch

Jeff Brouws 

A painting by Jake Longstreth at Gregory Lind Gallery

Next up, 3 amazing photos of buildings by Alec Soth at Fraenkel Gallery:

Trevor Paglen at Altman Siegel

Yvette Gellis at Toomey Tourell

Next what strikes me as a pretty important show, "Bay Area Photographers Past and Present" at Scott Nichols. Not only does it feature beautiful images from an A-list roster of artists, but here's the part I extra like: they are all women, and it doesn't specify that fact in the show's title. Rock and roll--

Monica Denevan

Judy Dater

Mona Kuhn

Imogen Cunningham

Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange again

And finally 3 rather diverse pieces all by Jeff Muhs at McLoughlin Gallery: