Monday, March 23, 2015

Yellow Hat on Boxing Day

Regular readers of the Cabinet may by now be beginning to guess (from this post, this other one, and now today's) that I recently unearthed a cache of baby Mabel polaroids from the winter of 2010--images that were diligently scanned and captured by my archivist dad on his site (and this makes the perfect opportunity to proffer him my perpetual but likely-too-infrequently-expressed gratitude for being the keeper of these vital records for the past four-and-a-half years) but that, because back then the polaroid project was daily rather than weekly and so I had a greater abundance of photos than a weekly blog post could ever keep up with, I never actually presented on this site before in all their adorable baby glory. Think of that! These days, whenever I see a wide-eyed (for for that matter a sleepy) baby cruising around on its parents chest in a carrier like this, I nearly swoon with nostalgia and cute-overload. And here's why.

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