Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mabel and Paris Doors

On our first day in Paris I randomly took a photo of Mabel standing in front of one of the amazing painted doors you see all over town. And all of a sudden I knew I had the makings of a series on my hands. Everyday as we walked through the city we would all three keep our eyes out for good doors, and take turns coming up with poses for Mabel to do in front of them. I love these pictures. The doors are great, and the kid is cute, but together I think they add up to even more than the sum of their parts. And I love that this device allowed me to capture her in all the different moods she experienced in Paris--giddy with excitement, serious, contemplative, goofy, happy, peaceful, even tired and grumpy. Hooray for #mabelandparisdoors!

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