Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Out to the Outer Sunset

I did not do one lick of work in Paris, and therefore cannot do a Publishing Wednesday post about my trip. Instead, I will tell you about a field trip that I went on with the Chronicle Books Art Editors right before I left town. We headed to the Outer Sunset (for those not in San Francisco this is a remote, beach-y, fog-bound neighborhood way out by the ocean, which has recently started to become a hotbed of art activity, cool stores, great coffee, and the infamous $4 toast).

Here is what we saw:

Above, an amazing art deco school building I passed by on my way to meet my pals.

Flowers in the bathroom of the delightful Andytown coffee (we also went to Trouble Coffee for the aforementioned toast, but I forgot to snap a pic). 

This image, and the four below, are from artist Leah Rosenberg's Every Day A Color installation at Irving Street Projects which was AMAZING. Leah met us there and told us all about the project--for which she painted the walls of the studio a different color each new day, leaving just a little stripe of the previous day's color behind. As a lover of color, of course I adore this.


Next we went to Three Fish Studios and chatted with, and admired the work of, the delightful husband-and-wife team Annie Galvin (above) and Eric Rewitzer (below).

We then popped into a few retail shops including Mollusk surf shop, where I spotted the cool print above (and where they were clearly a bit perplexed by us five publishing girls who really obviously do not surf),

General Store,

and Case for Making, where I bought far too many pencils and erasers.

It was a good day.


  1. i like to think the san francisco spot you describe to be the place where i spent a few hours day dreaming, back in 1990, when i visited SF and just looked out at the bay, and considering travelin' on. n♥

  2. tinywoolf--it could very well be! xo b