Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Authorship Is Happening!

Well, it's official! I am writing two books. I have shaken hands with each of my two editors at Chronicle Books on deals for these babies, which I will now write and which will both come out in the Spring of 2017 (how there happened to be two happening at the same time was due to a combination of factors: one, me getting off my butt, and two, coincidence). One book will be about the intersection of art and happiness. The other one will be about being a grown-up. And I am really really really excited about both of them, and honored that I get to do this. So now, sometimes at my desk at home, and sometimes at my local cafe--aided and abetted by lattes, or beer, or cocktails as the day and hour demand--I am actually sitting down to write the words. I mentioned here before how, for the two previous books I authored, I did not write many words (but rather mostly pulled together images) but for these two new ones I will write all the words. Holy crap!