Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Paris Day 6

On this day we set out early in the morning and took a longish walk all along the river, stopping for a coffee at the zinc bar of a cafe that Bill and I favored on our last trip to Paris ten years ago, and ultimately arriving at the Tuileries. We wandered through the gardens, lounged in the lounge chairs, admired the sculpture, and then Mabel got to jump on the trampolines (or Very Spingy Jumping Carpets as they are known in the world of multilingual signage), and Bill got to have a sandwich, which he loved. There was also a playground, a ride on a carousel, and Mabel's first ever cotton candy, none of which I apparently got a photo of. Negligent! We went home on the Metro for a rest and then back out in the afternoon to the holy of holies Shakespeare and Company (where I saw several of my books prominently displayed, as previously discussed), then strolled home pausing to look at chicken feet in the butcher's window and a street art installation of tiny ceramic mice that we must have passed two dozen times before this without noticing, but then suddenly we did.

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