Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In Which I Attend Ladies Drawing Night!

By far one of the most inspiring things I did when I was in New York last week was attend a real live bonafide edition of Ladies Drawing Night. This is a thing that started out as the three incredibly talented illustrators Julia Rothman, Leah Goren, and Rachel Cole getting together to draw for fun in the evenings. It has since become a full-blown phenomenon with a popular hashtag, loads of ladies starting their own nights, and an amazing Ladies Drawing Night book (edited by yours truly) coming next year from Chronicle Books. So it was indeed an honor (and also profoundly intimidating) (but also super duper fun) to get to join in one of these evenings with the original gang. Wow! So very cool.

Above is a picture of everyone's finished work.

This one, just above, and the three that follow, immediately below, are my own four feeble efforts. I say "feeble" not to be down on myself (in fact I think I did pretty ok!) but because when you see what comes next, after mine, from the three real Ladies, you mind might be blown a little bit.

Case in point: these adorable cars by Rachel Cole

This amazing scene of the three of us working by Leah Goren

And these phenomenal museum-goers-from-above by Julia Rothman.

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