Monday, November 30, 2015

Jack o Lanterns

As fate would have it, this is the second-to-last Polaroid I ever took with my old Polaroid camera (and the new fancy Impossible Project film). The last one was on Halloween day itself, with everyone in their costumes. Then I went to New York, and when I got back I got all ready to take a welcome-home-Mamma picture, only to discover the camera wasn't working. Darn, I thought, must be out of film. Went to replace the film and realized I was all out. Ordered more film. That film came, loaded a pack, and it failed to work. Tried another pack (each pack costing an arm and a leg, let's not forget), which also didn't work. Finally admitted the beloved camera which I've been using religiously to document the kiddo for the past 5+ years (and periodically to take random pictures for maybe 8 or 10 years before that) had finally given up the ghost. Almost cried, but then Bill told me he'd been planning on getting me a cute new Fuji Instax camera for 40th birthday (which is coming up in January) and that instead he'd get it for me early. Because he is a darling. It arrived and I tried out the first few shots over Thanksgiving weekend. And the pictures look great. Different. But great. So all told we only lost a month of instant photo documentation. The story has a happy ending, thanks to my dear husband, which is why I can now bring myself to tell it here. Still, it does make the pumpkin photo above much more spookily poignant than it otherwise would have been.

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