Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Presdio / Goldsworthy

On Black Friday we got as far away from downtown as we quickly and easily could--opting instead for a leisurely hike through the Presidio to see Andy Goldsworthy's two wonderful and beautiful pieces Spire and Wood Line (Spire photographs better than Wood Line, but honestly the pictures don't do the sinuous power of either one justice--if you're local and you haven't been, get your butt out there, seriously). We discovered many other little joys and treasures along the way, too, like the matching house-and-car, a very vintage Muni sign, vistas of insanely blue skies, logs to climb on, and a little fairy house someone had built from branches and eucalyptus bark (almost surely as a tribute to Goldsworthy). It was a good day.