Friday, December 18, 2015

The Last of the 2015 New York Art

Only six weeks later, we come to the end of all the New York art posts. Ta-da! This last one is a bit of a grab-bag -- first off lots of cool stuff I saw in various Chelsea galleries, then a bunch of murals I liked around town, then a bunch of smaller-form street art (stickers, tags, paste-ups, etc) mostly from Chelsea and the East Village. Enjoy!

Above: Svenja Deininger at Marianne Boesky

Zhan Huan at Pace 

Carol O’Malia at Stricoff

Robert Rauschenberg at Pace

Louise Fishman at Cheim & Read

Keith Mayerson at Marlborough 

Na Kim at Doosan

Jesse Burke at ClampArt 

Simon Hantai at Paul Kasmin

Max Ernst at Paul Kasmin

David Hockney at Paul Kasmin

Maria Kalman at Julie Saul

Carroll Dunham at Gladstone

Tal R at Carolina Nitsch

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