Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Gucci SS16

I don't think of myself as a Gucci fan. Like, at all. But their new Spring 2016 collection is pretty darn phenomenal. The clothes are, yes, utterly fabulous--but it's the styling that really pushes this runway presesntation over the top: the plain-Jane hair, supposedly nonexistent makeup, and hilariously homely glasses. The mix of glam and dorky is just amazing. I detect the distinct influence of the divine Miuccia Prada here, don't you?

Ok, so I typed that last sentence and then suddenly thought--wait, is Miuccia, or perhaps a protege of hers, working for Gucci now? So just did a bit of googling and the answer is no, not exactly. But this article in Buisness of Fashion illuminate a bit about their brand-new head, Alessandro Michele, responsible for this lovely madness, and also very nicely explains the Prada influence. Well worth a read. Here's a good bit that describes the look you will see below, better than I can:

"a certain kind of bohemia, mined from granny's attic, seemed to again become fashion's most tempting trend [along with] the ongoing glorification of the weirdo and the beautiful loser."

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  1. That almost killed me. Why can't I haz all of that. ALL OF IT. Almost have never had a larger desire to be rich than I do right now, seeing these.