Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Leanne Shapton Book Covers

I am so utterly enamored with the book cover designs of Leanne Shapton. Well, and also with her work in general, if it comes to that. But today let's talk abut the book covers in particular. There are two kinds. One are actual covers she designs and/or illustrates that come on actual published books. And, honestly, they are just so much better--to my eye at least--than most of the rest of what else is out there. I swoon. Most of the images in this post are those. But she also does an ongoing project of painting imagined covers for classic books on wood. You can see that project here, and I've ganged up a bunch of them at the bottom of this post--not because I don't love them, because in fact I do totally love them, but because if I didn't this post would be unconscionably long, and also really more of an Art post than a Publishing post (or so I tell myself anyway). Occasionally when I come across one--like the H.G. Wells or Zadie Smith covers below--I'm not sure which of the two categories it falls into, but I can usually pretty much figure it out (both of those are from the Wooden Block Books project, I feel relatively certain).

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