Friday, January 8, 2016

SFMOMA is Coming

Although I have been, am still, and will continue to be very sad to loose a) the Renzo Piano staircase and b) the Mondrian cake, I am nevertheless thrilled at the prospect of the new SFMOMA finally reopening on May 14th of this year. I did not really realize until it was closed how reliant upon it I was and how much I would miss it while it was closed for three years.

For those of you as art geekily looking forward to this as I am, here are a few goodies to tide you over until the (inevitably ridiculously jam-packed) day arrives:

Lots of good photos of the interior of the nearly-completed-but-still-under-construction museum can be seen here and here.

In the fall they unveiled a fancy new website to go along with the new building. 

Which includes a cool new digital tool for viewing 6491 artworks from the collection.

And, for you graphic design nerds, here’s a story about the creation of their new logo and visual identify.

My favorite tweet from when they let the press in. 

And of course Richard Serra, shrouded in plastic wrap:

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