Thursday, March 24, 2016

Holy Crap You Guys We Have Reached the Penultimate Poem Not Only in the Series About the Summer of 2006, But In The Much Larger Series About The Entire Year of 2005/2006

August 22, 2006

an odd thing occurred to me
namely that I love the windows
in the office ladies room

one wall of said restroom faces
onto the big square airshaft
that runs down through the center of the building
making each whole floor a big rectangular donut

and in this wall are two
of the huge old original windows
which are as everyone knows
by far the best thing
about this building

these particular two
being bathroom windows
are of frosted glass
nevertheless they let in
a considerable amount
of natural light

exposure to which
even during the short span of time
required for a visit to the restroom
makes one feel altogether more human
than would the horrid fluorescents alone
which make people look and feel
like green-tinged corpses

image source is here

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