Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Hooray hooray! It's here it's here! The moment when I can show you my Spring 2016 list in its entirety. And what a list it is. Fifteen titles from a group of some of the most amazing, lovely, and talented folks it has ever been my pleasure and honor to work with. All available either now, or very soon, from Chronicle Books or wherever top notch books and paper products are sold. Ok, enough with the sales pitch, here are the goods--

Advice From My 80-Year-Old-Self by Susan O'Malley

Feathers by Robert Clark

How to Be a Wildflower by Katie Daisy

Marimekko Mini Journal Set

Marimekko List Ledger

For Love by Alice Yoo and Eugene Kim

Londontown by Susannah Conway

Create Now by Marlo Johnson

Lucky Day Celebration Garlands by Sophie Blackall

Lucky Day Notes by Sophie Blackall

Lucky Day Journal by Sophie Blackall

The Little Pleasures of Paris by Leslie Jonath, Illustrations by Lizzy Stewart

The Joy of Swimming by Lisa Congdon

642 Things to Draw: New York and 642 Things to Draw: Paris

And, bonus item if you read down this far--all the previous seasons' of books I have edited for Chronicle Books since I've been blogging (just watch my visual presentation skills rapidly deteriorate as we venture backwards through time! but never fear, the books remain awesome all the way back): F15, S15, F14, S14, F13, S13, F12, S12, F11.

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