Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Women's March

Much has been written--and much better than I could write it--about the wonderful empowering thing that was the Women's March; the tragedy of its necessity; the contradictions and injustices inherent in the way white women versus protestors of color are perceived and treated. I encourage you to read up if you haven't already.

I just have a few things to add:

I have now sung We Shall Not Be Moved, in Spanish, along with Joan Baez. This is not something I thought I'd ever get do--let alone ever need to do--in my lifetime.

I am normally not a protest person (stay tuned for a poem about a at different march years back was the most powerless I've ever felt in my life), but this may have changed my mind.

My little girl does not yet get most of what's going on, but she gets, and stands firm, with the conviction that only a six year old can stand firm with, that we must not go back to the olden days when things were (even more) unfair for women. Because that's not fair. Even a child--especially a child--can see that.

All the things of the past 40 years that we thought, or others thought, were maybe the thing that defined our generation (irony, apathy, 9/11, the first black president) -- I think now maybe we were wrong. I think this, this horrible new political reality and, even more importantly, our resistance to it, might actually be that thing.

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