Monday, June 5, 2017

Adichie and Rowell

I've decided to try a new thing. While I still love and adore taking instant photos of my girl, and plan to keep that practice up indefinitely, I must admit that--much as I adore my cute Fuji camera--the Fuji film has never captured my heart the way real old Polaroid film did. And then again, the photo project, while still fun, has long since ceased to be the key creative outlet for me that it was when the child was a newborn and I was a new mother trying to find my art-making outlet in the world. In recent years that role has been filled by a combination of drawing and painting that I do on colored card stock with children's paint, sharpies, and gel pens. This is a big part of what I do, these days, and it's come to feel weird that I don't show it in any way on this blog. That said--I love my header (drawn years ago by the infinitely talented Julia Rothman) with it's hand-lettered mention of "Polaroids" and I love the little label system at right which shows me how many of each of my five type of posts (one for each weekday, including Polaroids on Mondays) I have created since I started this site in 2011. So I've come up with an odd compromise with myself. I'm going to try out showing you my drawings on Monday, presented inside a (let's be clear and honest here: fake) Polaroid border. This may make no sense to anyone but me. But then again, I have no one to please here in my little digital world but myself! This may also mean I deploy the option to load up Inspiration Tuesdays with photos of the Mabel a bit more frequently than hitherto-fore. Time will tell.  Let's see how it goes!

This particular drawing is of two very short books, both of which I read on Mother's Day and both of which were excellent. It was the first time I've used opaque pastel colored gel pens (previously I'd only used white), which were fun to use.

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