Friday, June 9, 2017

Roz Chast's Bird Marco

When I was at the Contemporary Jewish Museum the other week, I also saw the Ros Chast show. It was great, and there was so much to read! Literally hundreds of cartoons hanging on the walls, many of them quite text-heavy. You could stay there for hours reading the equivalent of several whole books. Instead, I wandered about, dipping in and out of this and that. My favorite discovery were a series of drawings I'd never seen before -- most of them, I believe, from several children's picture books written and illustrated by Chast -- featuring a bird named Marco. He is young, like a school-age child, and is befuddled and determined in equal measure. Like the Sesame Street characters or Peanuts gang he clearly has a complex and fully-realized emotional life. I loved him immediately. Here are a few of my favorite Marco images:

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