Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Christina Amini at Creative Mornings

The other Friday I had the great delight and honor of going to listen to my dear friend, boss, and editor Christina Amini speak at Creative Mornings. She was fantastic. She spoke about curiosity, how authentic relationships lead to awesome projects which in turn lead to authentic relationships and so on, and about the power of her creative collaboration with her amazing best friend, the late artist Susan O'Malley. Then she gave the whole audience a warm and wonderful pep-talk and sent us on our way, inspired as heck and, in my case, proud to know her. Creative Mornings, as the name perhaps implies, happens first thing in the morning, so you had the whole rest of your day to walk through with Christina's wise and funny and sometimes heart-breaking words bounding around in your brain. It was quite a thing.

The artwork above is by Leah Rosenberg. Next several slides below are Creative Mornings stuff from before the talk began. Bottom image is of Amini and O'Malley when they had a social practice art project called the Pep Talk Squad.

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