Tuesday, March 27, 2018

In Which I Illustrate Roxane Gay (What the Ever-Loving Wonderful Hell?!)

Holy crap, did I really never post here yet about this amazing thing that happened to me?! Where I got to illustrate an essay on memoirs by one of my all-time writer heroes Roxane Gay for the inaugural issue of a brand-new print magazine called You?! Well, it happened. It really really happened and I can still hardly believe it. All thanks to the amazing art director Brian McMullen for taking a flier on my brand-new-baby-illustrator self. The magazine is indeed so brand new that it does not yet have an online presence. But I have an early copy and have taken photos of my bits of it - where I drew the covers of the various books Ms Gay talks about in various book formats (hardcover, paperback, table, audio-book, etc.) - for you to see here.

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