Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Cup of Jo Home Tour

We had the crazy good fortune to have our apartment featured as a home tour on the fantastic blog Cup of Jo! Photographer Lena Corwin -- whose work I've long admired -- came to our place and took the best pictures that have ever been taken of our home. That's what this post is really about: the photos. If you want to read the interview with me that goes along with them, you can check that out in the original Cup of Jo post, here.

yellow voice bubble: Andrea D'aquino
paint swatches: Leah Rosenberg
embroidered square + embroidered space ship: Vanessa Walden
whale + green chair: Lisa Congdon
landscape with sheep (yelllow frame): Molly Rausch
green plants: Alicia Dornadic (via Artists Take Action)
tiny pink haired girl: Courtney Cerruti
colorful diagonal swashes: Jen Garrido

face reflected in water: Daniel Garzi
squirrel plate: Isabelle Samaras

paper peony: Tiffanie Turner

It Will Be More Beautiful Than You Could Ever Imagine: Susan O'Malley

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