Friday, May 31, 2019

JR: The Chronicles of San Francisco

I went to perhaps the most exciting art opening I've ever been to the other evening. The mural artist JR has created a video mural featuring 1200 San Franciscans that he filmed all around town in his mobile photo van studio. I kept hearing that it was a "video mural" but I didn't understand what that meant. It means: all the people move. Not every single one is moving all the time, but they all do things at different times -- plus, the whole thing is scrolling very slowly sideways (the complete piece being longer than the very long screen it's displayed upon. The mural is in the free area of SFMOMA which means it's open to the public, for free, any time the museum is open. The myriad faces of our city it offers are truly inspiring, and I'm not alone in thinking so. This was by far the largest crowd I've ever seen at an art event in my life. The thing is hard to photograph (if you're local you really need to just go see it) but below are my best attempts.

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