Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Creative Mornings: Field Trip

We're hosting a Creative Mornings Field Trip at Chronicle Books next week and I'm looking forward to getting to share with folks more about what we do around here. Details below are about what this is, and, starting on Monday, registration will be open right here.

Where Do Your Ideas Come From? The Art    of Publishing Books and Gifts

January 23, 9:00am - 10:30am at Chronicle Books
There are no new ideas. It’s all in the execution.
Chronicle Books editors Christina Amini, Bridget Watson Payne, and Dena Rayess are familiar with transforming ideas into exuberant objects. Collectively, they’ve written a book about boobs, recipe-tested Snoop Dogg’s recipes, named 52 pencil colors, edited a book by Yoko Ono, generated at least 642 drawing prompts, “published” a Feelings Jar, produced millions of Letters, and have made many other excellent choices along the way.
On this CreativeMornings Field Trip, you’ll visit renowned publisher Chronicle Books headquarters to see where the magic happens. We’ll talk about the process of making books and gift products, as well as the specific journeys that led to particular triumphs. We’ll share sneak peeks at not-yet-published work and give insight into the process in progress.

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