Friday, April 17, 2015

Market Street Prototyping Festival

Last Friday night and then again on Saturday afternoon we hit up various chunks of the Market Street Prototyping Festival. Arranged along both sides of the street on five different blocks of Market, ranging from Civic Center to the Embarcadero, lots of different very creative folks had put together rough mock-ups of a wide variety of things--mostly interactive in some way or another--that they think out to exist and be built for real and permanently installed on this busy thoroughfare for pedestrians to use and enjoy (and, indeed, apparently some number of them actually really will be). I don't know if this event was designed with little kids in mind, but Mabel and the many other children we saw there adored it. She wanted to interact with every single thing. If none of this is making very much sense--what were these things? art? design? carpentry? all of the above?--just take a gander at these whole bunch of photos and see if that makes it any clearer. It might.

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