Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Seven Recent Moments Related to Publishing

When talking about publishing it is always easy to default to talking about the books I've edited--new ones coming out, ones that are doing well or that have been mentioned in the press or won awards or whatnot--and that is indeed all very exciting and humbling stuff. But here today I would like to talk about a few recent top publishing moments that don't have to do directly with my current projects:

1. When your kid pulls a book you edited years ago off the art book shelf at home and becomes immidately ingrossed in it--in this case the fine old volume Thirty-Six Views of the Eiffel Tower.

2. Going to City Hall to meet the first-ever Artist in Residence there, the delightful Mr. Jeremy Fish, who is making 100 drawings for the building's upcoming 100th birthday party.

3. Having coffee with your current artist crush, Leah Rosenberg, and having her give you an absolutely amazing hand-painted print thing featuring all the colors from her Everyday a Color project, and going home and putting into a cheapo plastic frame for safe-keeping

4. Getting to pitch a panel with your author and pal Lisa Congdon to the illustrious SXSW conference, and asking people to vote for you, and then hearing that they are actually doing it. Amazing. (And it's not too late to do so! Voting ends this Friday! Get on over there and do it if you haven't yet and want to!)

5. Office supplies.

6. When your lovely husband brings you flowers for your desk at work.

7. Cake.

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