Friday, September 28, 2018

Magritte at SFMOMA

I don't consider myself a big Magritte fan, but as is almost always the case with any Big Name Blue Chip Museum Show About a Very Famous Artists that you happen to actually go see, once I saw some things at the current big SFMOMA show that I had never seen before I got interested. I cruised past most of the bowler hats and apples and clouds and birds (ok, not all, but most) and instead became intrigued by the lesser known works in quite a wide variety of styles. The things you haven't seen reproduced a million times are so much easier to actually see  with your own eyeballs.

Of course none of this excuses the fact that here we have yet another big show about yet another dead white man, but it certainly does give you some interesting things to look at while you're there.

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