Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby's First Polaroid

This is the very first Polaroid ever taken of Mabel, the first in the Polaroid-a-day project. In it, she is four days old and is taking her first nap in her own crib after coming home from the hospital (she was born by cesarean, so we were in the hospital for several days--and we did not take the Polaroid camera to the hospital, as we had other fish to fry there). Back then, she was just a tiny potato with a head the size of an orange. She was so young she still wore a hat indoors. In this photo, she is yawning an adorable baby yawn, and I think you can tell, somehow, that that's what she is doing, and that she is not screaming. She hardly ever did scream back them, and even now does so only in extremity, being an extremely good-tempered girl.

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