Monday, April 18, 2011

Mabel and Klapar

Before Mabel was born, we went shopping for some practical things, like a lamp and a rug for her baby room, at Ikea. While we were there we fell in love with a melancholy-faced stuffed panda bear named, in true Ikea style, Klapar. We brought him home thinking he would be just the thing for our new girl; after all, your always hearing about how much tiny babies love black and white. And, as it turned out--and as the above Polaroid documents--Klapar was in fact the very first toy Mabel ever took an interest in. One day, when she was not even quite six weeks old yet, she became fascinated with him and stared and stared into his face for ages, even reaching out to touch his fur. It would be another three or four months after this before she started showing an interest in any other toys at all, or in reaching out and grabbing for things. But the baby/panda connection was cemented early on. These days, she likes to chew on Klapar's nose. He does not mind.

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