Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Could Live in This House

I mentioned a while back my love affair with British shelter magazine Living Etc. On average, I'd say that there is one house per issue that I wouldn't mind moving into lock, stock, and barrel. And, when you consider how many empty white modernist boxes there inevitably are in all homes magazines, that's really a pretty good ratio.

I know I could never be as restrained with color as this lady is. And really, I wouldn't want to be. But I can certainly still admire, and even in a sort of a way covet, this light-and-dark / natural materials / pops of bright color thing she's got going on. 

But even beyond that, this house has that ineffable quality. The one that allows you to easily slip your imaginary self right in there. Living a fantasy life, cooking in that kitchen and bathing in that bathtub and sleeping under that hot pink duvet. 

1 comment:

  1. I could live in that bathtub! If only I had a subfloor that could support such a heavy thing, my recent bathroom remodel would have included one. But I don't, so it didn't.