Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Further proof (if proof were needed) that I'm still a book reader first and a book publisher second. As a person who works in publishing I ought to be terrified of BookMooch, the site that lets you swap used books with users around the world--because every book swapped is a book not bought, right? But by that logic I should also hate used bookstores, free books left lying around in cafes and hotel rooms, and even the public library, shouldn't I? And I'm afraid I'm not quite ready to go that far down the kool-aid drinking rabbit hole just yet. Instead I'm just excited that The Careful Use of Compliments, the fourth Isabel Dalhousie "mystery" (I use that term in inverted commas because this series, by Alexander McCall Smith, has even less real mystery in it than his famous Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency books do--if memory serves, the last book really had no mystery in it at all) is on its way to me from...wait for it...Finland! So cool.

I've said it a few times before and will no doubt say it again: anything that promotes reading is just plain awesome in my book.

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