Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In Praise of Board Books

Apparently we're having something of a baby themed week, here, this week (perhaps due to the Dear Child's immanent birthday). To balance out yesterday's screed about nursing in public, today for Publishing Wednesday I thought we'd have a nice gentle post about board books. Now let me be clear: I know next to nothing about children's publishing--despite the fact that the publisher I work for makes many fine children's books. It is a different world of book making and one I wouldn't presume to comment on. All I know about are the books I loved in my own childhood and the new books we've discovered since the baby came. And man oh man does Mabel love her board books. Below a few of the favorites in current heavy rotation at our house:

 ABC Baby Me!

 A Book of Sleep

 Caps for Sale

 Global Babies / Bebes del Mundo

 In My Nest

 Urban Babies Wear Black

Where is the Green Sheep?

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