Friday, August 12, 2011

Style by Kate Spade

Ok, I admit it. Even for me, it's a stretch to call Style, by Kate Spade, an art book. It's a book about fashion and getting dressed. But, hell, I don't care. It's visual and it's charming and it's illustrated with the loveliest little watercolors. Not to mention, it has terrific endpapers:

My favorite part of this book are the pages about colors. The color combinations, where she suggests what colors to pair with your blue or yellow or what-have-you garments are actually incredibly useful.

Mabel helped me take these pictures. Can you tell?

Then there are various sections about dressing for different situations, different seasons, etc. All quite pleasing. And because the focus here is on a very classic sort of style, it still feels quite fashionable, even though the book came out back in 2004.

This book also introduced me to the concept of "forever clothes"--those very few pieces you will keep for always and never get rid of (in my case its a black sweater with marabou feathers at the neckline that I've had since I was about sixteen).

Kate Spade (the company, not the person) also has one of the best corporate blogs I've seen, Behind the Curtain, and a great Tumblr, too, if you're looking for more colorful inspiration.

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