Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Books

Here's a little peek at the holiday picture books--Christmas, Winter, and one for Hanukkah--that are in heavy rotation at our house just now. Several are available on amazon if you should happen to want them, though a number of them are out of print, and so are not. I cannot recommend the strange and wonderful world of M. B. Goffstein enough. This is the version of The Night Before Christmas that I grew up with, and so am quite attached to. The Philharmonic Gets Dressed is perhaps a stretch for inclusion, but it clearly takes place in the winter and there is a lot of discussion of putting on warm clothing, plus it's just so great I can't resist mentioning it. Babar and Father Christmas is totally totally bizarre. The Snowy Day is wonderful by any standard but particularly for babies who live in the city. Olive The Other Reindeer is, in my view, a contemporary classic, and just happens to be published by my fine employer. Merry reading!

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