Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Diego

Yesterday was Diego Rivera's 125th birthday. It also happened to be my company holiday party, which happened to be held at the City Club of San Fransisco, in a room that happens to contain one of the three murals Rivera created in San Francisco. Now, as a person who works on quite a bit of Frida Kahlo publishing, and as I think is the case for almost all fans of the inimitable Ms. Kahlo's work (and wardrobe), Diego tends to be a bit of the bad penny you love to hate. (For instance, years ago when the SFMOMA did a big show about Mexican Muralists, if was gratifying to see that you could totally trace her influence on his work over the years, but that his work seems to have had no influence on her whatsoever). But its good to be reminded from time to time that, man, the dude could paint. This mural is phenomenal. I wish I could find a shot online (or had had the presence of mind to take one!) that would better show the part of the mural that goes up onto the ceiling, with a sky full of naked people and airplanes. Very cool.

image sources are here and here

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