Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another Poem in the Continuing Series About the Fall of 2005

November 1, 2005
Halloween wedding in a backyard in Columbus Ohio

Travel is tricky
On the one hand there’s so much to see your eyeballs can get overwhelmed
on the other the zombie numbness of airports starts to set in
Until in the midst of the blur there’ll be some searing sight

like the huge stand of pampas grass
waving around in the wind
next to the runway on our layover in Texas
the late afternoon sun hitting it and turning it gold

or the eggs you could buy
one by one
in the produce department of the world’s largest Whole Foods
in many shades of white and brown and blue and green
and the little straw-lined baskets to put them in
how happy I felt looking at them
precious though they were
in both senses of the word
And then how moved right after
when Bill revealed he was feeling low about school
even thousands of miles away
next to the endless display of cut fruit in plastic tubs
We wandered around alone together in the big store
talking about it
stopped at a random moment to hug
and I happened to look sideways and see they had real sweet-tea in jugs
the perfect thing to cheer him up
Maybe the fortuitous is never that far off

(when we get home I’ll buy
tomato juice! hash browns!
travel broadens your ideas of things to eat)

The little house was adorable
with small wooden shelves and cabinets and cupboards
all painted the same colors as the walls
Every room a different color
Muddy murky shades of butternut and chartreuse and tomato and seafoam
The old ragged brick fireplace full of
empty picture frames
earthen urns
and yellow Christmas lights

The wedding itself was low key and jolly
the bride in slinky black standing on a hay bale
with a bonfire afterwards
When we got home my Holly Golightly cocktail dress and wig
came out of the suitcase smelling like coming back from a camping trip

image source is here

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