Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Ongoing Poem Series About the Autumn of 2005 Continues With This Installment

November 2, 2005
Completely absorbed today by a new mental project

the planning of my pink and black thirtieth birthday party
party planning a great way of getting through a dark day
creativity a good place to escape into
Though I do worry it keeps me from seeing what’s around me
turned inward as I am
There’s a larger question for debate lurking there
about the primacy of
the inner creative life
the seeing one must do to provide food for creativity
The stuff of life as opposed to the stuff of the mind
But today it’s just as much fun to visualize
pink and black paper lanterns
make lists of pink and black foods
as it is to see the late-looking light of a post-daylight-savings morning
and the hot bright green pea soup pureed in batches in the blender
(Been making a lot of soup this week because soup is soothing
potato leek
green pea
corn chowder)

And did I mention the two fuzzy balls of multi-muddy-colored yarn
I bought in the giant big box store in ohio
at one in the morning
to knit into scarves?
They are lovely soft in a way that jumps out
even when you're half asleep under florescent lights
and makes you covet
I think you’re entirely justified
in giving in to their wee silent yarn voices crying out to you
Later still you can eat mini cheeseburgers from White Castle
which you’ve never had before
sitting with your friends on the hotel room floor
and feel secure in the knowledge that your
muddy pink green and
muddy red blue yellow
fluffy balls of yarn are safe
in the plastic bag at the foot of the bed

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