Friday, January 13, 2012

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his collaborative group Hit Record. This is a very interesting thing. Actor Gordon-Levitt (if you haven't seen the movie Brick I do highly recommend it) has stared up this website / organization / production company where folks upload their work in various media--writing and illustration are what is relevant here, but also music, film, etc--and then edit, change, remix, and add to one another's projects. And this book is sort of a little greatest hits collection of one of their ongoing things where people write and illustrate very very short stories. It's particularly intriguing to note that the illustration work, overall, has somehow a different tone or vibe or feeling than what you usually see in a collection or round up of illustrators. With no actual information in hand about these people at all, I'd hazard a guess that the open-source quality of the whole endeavor is attracting a different bunch of folks--outsiders, youth, talented amateurs--than the usual suspects of commissioned illustration whose work we see more often in publications. Anyhow, the book is sweet and cute and also a bit dark and often quite wry and witty. Read on...

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