Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Festival of Lattes

Because I work on visual books, and because (as I've discussed here before) the job of Editor nowadays encompasses such roles as talent scout, project manager, and email mistress, the time I spend actually doing what you think of an editor as doing--reading a manuscript, pencil at the ready--is relatively modest. And when I do need to do that it always becomes quickly apparent that the one place I cannot do it is my office--too many emails, phone calls, people, meetings. The solution to this is to take a day and work from home. But if you have a year-and-a-half year old who spends her days in your home, then "working from home" really means "working in a cafe" or multiple cafes. Which in my case means one thing: lattes.

So, here is my offsite day last week, rendered as a series of beverages. Above, the first manuscript of the morning, and the first latte, at Sugar Cafe (which is a really great place and not nearly as weird as their website makes them look).

Breakfast (well, actually "second bite" as the farmers of Maine call it--I eat my breakfast at 6:00 AM with the aforementioned toddler and her daddy) of a delicious scone and water at Stable Cafe (one of my absolute favorite cafes in the whole world).

Manuscript number two, and latte number two, still at Stable Cafe.

Next I met Jillian, the delightful owner of Gallery Hijinks, for lunch at the fantastic Universal Cafe where we had wine and frites and all kinds of delightful things (devoured too quickly to be photographed) and chatted a mile a minute about art, life, work, and whatnot.

After that I took some time out to get a haircut from my pal, and hairdresser extraordinaire, Megan of Dreamers and Make Believer's Salon.

Which positioned me perfectly to finish up manuscript number three, with latte number three (decaf) at Four Barrel Coffee. And there was also a cookie with dates and nuts in it.

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