Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Series of Poems about the Autumn of 2005 Carries On

November 21, 2005
The major satisfaction of the weekend

came from cleaning out
the office
(well it’s a closet
but we call it an office
and it functions as one)

Perhaps it’s actually
sort of weird
how deep
my pride and enjoyment
of such things goes

I keep going back in just to look at it
and admire
The clean clear surfaces
desk, seat of chair, floor, top of cabinet
please my eye enormously

And the little touches
the navy blue ribbon now holding the wire rack up on the wall
the nails hammered in with the clipboards hanging from them

When what I should be talking about is
the opera and fancy dinner with my parents on Saturday night
both truly exceptional experiences
just as was to be expected

But in fact they were so momentous
as to become a bit of a blur

Only the pâté and house-made fresh pickles and rosé
and the lovely worn red velvet strip with bald patches
that ran along the edge of the balcony in front of our seats
really stand out in my memory at this moment

I know
not to comment on the music
but we take in what we are constituted to take in

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