Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Poem Series About the Fall of 2005 Continues with this Installment

November 17, 2005
a list of the people I see on my way to work every day

There’s the woman with dyed red hair
white roots
sad face
tan trench coat

There’s the middle aged lady who dresses like a little girl

There’s the stylish woman
with the dog
who dresses in browns
and who I think of as being French
(and I used to see her on my old walk from the loft too)

There’s the bleachy haired woman
with the red leather backpack
and the little daughter

There’s the wet-haired skater girl

The long-faced
sour-faced woman
who looks like a greyhound
or a minor jane austen character

There’s the tubby man who waits
for his always-late boss
to come and open the art gallery

There are the various guys
who put the chairs on the sidewalk
and open the bodegas

There’s the big-headed jowly man
in the shiny suits and ties

There’s a plump sweet looking art student
who drinks mountain dew for breakfast

And another girl who always has a smoothie
but the smoothies are such distracting shades of pink and green
that I don’t know what that girl looks like

There’s the man in the blue coverall
who diligently polishes the brass
on the front door of the Franciscan club

The overly-made-up girl
with the blond highlights all over the top of her hair
who often walks with an older man
seemingly intent on ingratiating herself

There are the two real elderly guys
who look like cowboys
and wait for the stock trading place to open

The crazy homeless guy
who thinks he’s a shoe shine guy

There’s the other crazy guy
probably not homeless
who walks real fast
with all the green bags
stuffed full of who knows what

And the barefoot guy

And the big jogging guy with glasses
but I only see him if I’m running  late

And there used to be the guy
with the insanely crisp collars-up cowboy shirts
and a pompadour
but I haven’t seen him in a while

image source is here

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