Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mail Candy

Like many of us in these screen-obsessed times, I love the idea of sitting down and writing a letter. Do I actually get around to doing so very often? Nope. But a girl can dream. And what better spark for dreams than the above letter-writing kit made by Randi of Swoon that I spotted yesterday on Poppytalk? I mean, come on!

This in turn reminded me of another kit I'd seen ages back, this one the traveling supplies of mail artist Jennie Hinchcliff of Red Letter Day. Can you imagine? How lovely would it be to be the person who takes either one of these neat little parcels of gear on an airplane, say, and sits there and writes letters and makes art and other wonderful things?

And speaking of mail art reminded me of my pal Alyson Kuhn who makes the most awesome handmade envelopes and adorns them with all kinds of old stamps and other vintage ephemera. Getting something in the mail from her is always the greatest treat.

And thinking about treats in the mail naturally lead my mind--as how could it not--to the World's Smallest Postal Service, brainchild of wildly creative Lea Redmond of Leafcutter Designs (full disclosure: Lea is an author associated with the fine publishing house for which I work--and a good thing, too, because it means I can now send you to see, or even to buy if you happened to be so inclined, the World's Smallest Postal Service Kit).

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