Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Ongoing Poem Saga About the Winter of 2005 Gets A Whole Lot More Wintery

December 12, 2005
One of those

Christmas is nearly upon us
weekends of bustle and shopping

wooly scarves!
witty cards!
red tulips with green stems!

card writing
menu planning
but most of all

cookie baking

Every year I remember that it takes a long time
but I never remember quite how long or quite how exhausting
making many many dozen thin cut-out cookies really is

mixing the huge amount of dough
and all the rolling out and cutting and decorating
and the perpetual rotation of trays in and out of the oven and to the cooling racks

Then again
I never quite remember how good the cookies taste either
how pretty the colored sugar on top

on one level of course I do
or I wouldn’t want to go to all the trouble of making them
But not on a sensory level

Not on a detail level
Not the way each color of sugar is not just a different color but
Because all the jars were acquired piecemeal at different times and places

also a different coarseness and consistency
big fat iridescent blue grains like rock salt
fine fine almost sandy pale pink and pale green

And then there’s the satisfaction
of engrossing labor
and then the eating

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