Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The September Issue

Ah, the September issue. The joys and perils (to one's wrists, if nothing else) of 916 Pages of Spectacular Fall Fashion For All. Oh Vogue, your insistence on outdoing yourself year after year is really quite endearing. And the persistence of glossy magazine publishing in this day and age makes me extremely happy somehow.

One of my favorite features in this year's issue features Stella Tennant shot by Mario Testino wearing various lavish getups in Peru. One thing I especially liked was the silhouette, repeated several times throughout the story, of a below-the-knee A-line skirt over cropped pants. Jackets and heavy jewelry also predominate.

And so, yesterday, I put together my own humble approximation of this look (and if there's anything more vanity-deflating than featuring a crappy picture of yourself on the same post as photos of the miraculously attenuated Ms. Tennant and an infamously Photoshopped Gaga, I don't know what it is. Oh, wait, yes I do: it's this). Regardless, though, I was quite happy with the outfit. Thanks Anna Wintour, or more likely Grace Coddington, actually.


  1. Love the coat and the necklace. Where is it from, I want it! You are the only person I know who out-colors me as far as wardrobe goes, Miss Bridget! xo

  2. thanks lady! oh, color, i do love it so. the jacket is from anthropologie many years back and the necklace is from toast (i have to force myself not to wear it every single day).