Friday, November 9, 2012

Art Lately

Been seeing lots of fun art lately. The other day I went over to the Berkley Art Museum to check out the Barry McGee show there, which was phenomenal. 

I don't think I'd set foot in that big cool oddly-shaped museum space since childhood, and the way they'd filled it with all sorts of amazing McGee installations was very very cool.

I also discovered they've published a pretty amazing show catalog which I now rather covet.

My favorite Barry McGee pieces remain the bulging assemblages of hundreds of little framed works like the one above. Super cool.

Then last night I went with some pals to the opening for "I Don't Believe In You Either," a Bigfoot-themed art show at the Bold Italic featuring delightful images by Office, adorned tree stumps by Jessica Hische (below), Lisa Congdon, Dave Eggers and many others, and benefiting 826 Valencia and 826 Boston. Highly entertaining and a good time was had by all.

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