Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween, The Apotheosis

Mabel had been getting increasingly excited throughout the month of October to don her Halloween costume of a Cool Cool Robot and go trick or treating. So inspired, in fact, was she by the whole robot concept that it drove her to create her first representational drawing, above. Which is, clearly and obviously, a drawing fo a robot. So Wednesday night she donned the outfit at our friends' house (I must say I was utterly delighted with how it turned out!) and away we went.


  1. Hi Bridget! Mabel's drawing also stroke me!!! :) Are you familiar with the book "The natural Way to Draw" by Kimon Nicolaids?
    My name is Monica Cid, I'm passionate about drawing and found your blog as I was looking for Jorge Colombo's artwork. SO GOOD to have bumped into your daughter's drawing :)
    All the best***

  2. Thanks Monica! So glad you stopped by. I love Jorge's work! And that of so many artist's and illustrator's, so it's amazing to watch my own daughter start drawing.

  3. I love her drawing, keep it forever. Stella's first representational drawing was edamame pods and it is so perfect in so many ways that eventually it will have a permanent place on the wall (gotta get around to that!). The robot looks incredible! I love that I can totally see the box on her head as a box, or as the top of a robot. VERY good job, Bridget!

  4. thanks m'dear! did i already tell you how much i loved your munchkins' costumes? alot!